What was TrueCenter?

The nonpartisan nonprofit political social network completely free from foreign or corporate interference. Unfortunately, it still contributed to the negative psychological effects of social meda and was shut down. Thanks for all your support!

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TrueCenter is a social media platform where rational and caring Americans can talk about politics. We embrace the right of every American—regardless of political beliefs, race, gender, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation—to express their view respectfully.

Our mutual prosperity will come from the Center because that's where people listen to each other.

Many Americans think of the political spectrum as a line:


We don't see it that way. On the fringes, it's common to find people that don't believe in scientific facts like climate-change or the safety of vaccinations. The fringes have the most aggressors and often ignore any evidence that doesn't support their worldview. In many ways, the fringes have become mainstream and they mirror each other.

Our political spectrum is a circle:

What's wrong with Twitter?

Twitter is a for-profit company that's beholden to its shareholders. They care about being a force for good, but not at the expense of engagement. This is a massive conflict of interest because they've hijacked our anxiety. They've built algorithms and tools that feed us more of our preconceived notions, because people don't like being confronted with facts that don't support their world view. It's a real psychological effect called "Confirmation Bias".

How does that manifest itself? Every time Twitter asks you to follow someone like the others you follow, that's feeding your confirmation bias.

Feeding your confirmation bias hardens your beliefs, making it nearly impossible to change them, even in the face of indisputable evidence.

How is TrueCenter different?

We want everyone to be rewarded for beliefs that fall in the center, because that's where compromise occurs.

TrueCenter is a nonprofit organization. That's right, a nonprofit. Being a nonprofit is the best way to prove our motivations are counter to traditional startup culture. We'll always stand behind our commitment to transparency, decency, and the public good, because we have no hidden agenda. Like it or not, a profit-motivated company rarely prioritizes morality above profitability. It's not in their DNA.

We believe that citizens need to understand both sides of an argument. We'll invert the echo-chamber, by making sure you're informed and not hardening your own perspective artificially. We'll never hijack your anxiety to increase engagement. We'll help you connect with people across the aisle to have real, meaningful conversations about how policy decisions impact Americans.

How is TrueCenter going to improve our political culture?

TrueCenter will help you connect with your local and federal representatives. We'll facilitate those conversations in a way that's productive and respectful. People that break our Terms of Service will be handled swiftly and with complete transparency.

TrueCenter will only operate in the United States. By confining our borders, we'll be able to prevent foreign entities from manipulating our public discourse. We can check IP addresses and are considering validating the names of users before allowing them to post on the network.

Ultimately, TrueCenter will host live events that bring together constituents from different localities to talk about the issues facing this country in person. There is simply no substitute for face-to-face dialogue. Outside of general election debates, there are no consistent avenues where people with different viewpoints can talk to each other. We hope to change that.

What's next?

We're working through the strategic decisions, design, and technology necessary to breath life into this platform. We're actively fundraising to support development. It won't be a short road, and we'll need your support along the way. Ultimately, TrueCenter will succeed if the great citizens of this country decide to support it.

If you can't donate, please promote us on Twitter and Facebook. Tell your friends about what we're building. As a nonprofit, our options for raising initial capital are limited. That's by design. But it means we'll need your support.

To life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!